Wedding skincare routine

When it comes to wedding makeup, you should think about your skin care routine. All the makeup in the world can’t cover skin with an uneven texture. Your skin is your base and if you want to look as flawless as possible on your wedding day, it's where you should start before you even browsing potential wedding makeup looks.


Three month before the wedding 

Set up an appointment with your dermatologist if you have some king of problems on your skin. They can assess your complexion's current state, check your skin type and they can help you devise a strategy for achieving your dream-skin goals.



Two month before the wedding

Better go to cosmetologist, and have professional skin treatment 

Normally its takes this steps:

  • Face cleaning 
  • If you have some inflammation you need to take care about that
  • Get peels course 
  • hydrating and moisturizing 


If you don’t have any opportunity to have a cosmetology visit, I have for you some tips for at-home  facial routine.

  • daily skincare routine for your skin type 
  • weekly exfoliate your face
  • Facial masks 2 times per week (  moisturizing for oily skin, hydrating for normal and dry skin, lifting )
  • Deep cleansing mask for acne and oily skin 2 times per week



Thee weeks before the wedding

Continue with sheet masks treatments and start care about your neck and décolletage. Be sure to take every skincare step down your neck and to your décolletag, weekly exfoliating and moisturising. Also its time to start to take care about your body skin, weekly exfoliate and moisturize it. 


One day before the wedding

  • relaxing body and face massage 
  • Muisturizing mask
  • get enough sleep 8 - 10 hours

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